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  • Uploaded by : Marc Lafia | Fri Dec 12 19:43:41 UTC 2008
  • Description : COILHOUSE is a love letter to alternative culture, written in an era when alternative culture no longer exists. And because it no longer exists, we take from yesterday and tomorrow, from the mainstream and from the underground, to construct our own version. We cover art, fashion, technology, music and film to create an alternative culture that we would like to live in, as opposed to the one that’s being sold or handed down to us. The result, in the form of articles, features and interviews, is laid out on our blog and in our print magazine for all to see. If our Utopia is your Utopia, then welcome! Anyone can contribute, and we encourage you to go to our submission page and get in touch. Here, you will find an assemblage of the visual, cerebral, amusing, challenging and, above all, the ever-evolving. Below are samples of the topics you’ll find here, bits of the Info Strada aimed at inspiring literate progress and bringing entertainment to architects of their own past, present and, especially, future:
  • Movements : Fashion Design, International Film, Experimental Music, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop Music and Dance
  • Themes : pop, candy, surreal, dreamy, quirky, cartoonish, machinistic, rebel, primal, grotesque, hallucinatory, biomorphic, bubblicious, ebullient, bombast, technology, dystopic, physical force, pioneering, power, hi-tech, architectural, baroque, atmospheric and beautiful

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