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  • Native American Poets
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  • Uploaded by : Marc Lafia | Thu Dec 11 17:05:03 UTC 2008
  • Description : Extensive list of native american poets. Here is an example Ghost Dance by Sandy Kewanhaptewa Crow has brought the message To the children of the sun For the return of the buffalo And for a better day to come You can kill my body You can damn my soul For not believing in your god And some world down below You don't stand a chance against my prayers You don't stand a chance against my love They outlawed the Ghost Dance But we shall live again, we shall live again My sister above She has red paint She died at Wounded Knee Like a latter day saint You got the big drum in the distance Blackbird in the sky That's the sound that you hear When the buffalo cry Crazy Horse was a mystic He knew the secret of the trance And Sitting Bull the great apostle Of the Ghost Dance Come on Comanche Come on Blackfoot Come on Shoshoe Come on Cheyenne We shall live again Come on Arapaho Come on Cherokee Come on Paiute Come on Sioux We shall live again. And now, grandfather, I ask you to bless the white man. He needs your wisdom, your guidance. You see for so long he has tried to destroy my people and only feels comfortable when given power. Bless them, show them the peace we understand, teach them humility. For I fear they will destroy themselves and their children as the have done and so with Mother Earch. I plead, I cry, after all They are my brothers [and sisters].
  • Movements : Poetry and Native American Poetry
  • Themes : sincere, religious, sprawling, tragic and self-reflection

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