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  • Uploaded by : Marc Lafia | Thu Dec 11 13:21:28 UTC 2008
  • Description : This a very smart and elegant site where i found a concrete poetry generator Try it out. Here is something about the author. About Hi, I am Sigrid Jones, I live in Vienna, Austria. This blog is a about anything old or new that I love, that I find interesting or funny. My other blogs and websites are, for example MedienABC, (in German) MedienABC (in English, discontinued) and the MedienABC blog, which is mainly concerned with media education and media literacy. I currently work at the Institute of Educational Sciences (Institut für Bildungswissenschaft), University of Vienna as a Research Fellow. From October 2008 I will work on a three year research project on media education and multimodality in primary schools: MiVA (English)
  • Movements : Poetry and Concrete Poetry
  • Themes : round, dreamy, smart, feminine, clever, elegant, clean, rhythmic, charming, chance, repetitive, self-reflection and conceptual

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