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  • Remix Theory
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  • Uploaded by : Marc Lafia | Thu Dec 04 15:03:43 UTC 2008
  • Description : Remix Theory is an online resource by Eduardo Navas that offers some of his research on Remix. Navas focuses on Remix itself as opposed to Remix Culture. In this site you will find a brief definition of Remix, which is examined more extensively in essays that will be added to this website as they become available. Remix Theory is not meant to function on a daily basis. It is a resource updated periodically, according to the flow of research. It does not focus on the latest information, but on relevant material to the history of Remix, some which may have been published years ago. The site contains material that is obtained from other online sources, with the proper reference. The content of the site consists of reviews, articles, projects and images relevant to Remix. The site also features texts and projects by Eduardo Navas. Remix Theory is designed to move towards a remix of itself, by recombining much of the material that is archived to put to test the possibilities of Remix. This will become transparent as the database grows, and specific projects are developed. The site is designed to host, archive and promote projects which explore the current possibilities of Remix online and offline; it is prepared to become a repository of collaborations with different people and institutions. To learn more about the interdisciplinary practice of Eduardo Navas, Please visit
  • Movements : Information Design, Experimental Film, Film Criticism and Theory, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Installation Art, Art Criticism and Theory, Sound Art and Digital Writing
  • Themes : expansive, collage, pop, electronic, kinetic, eclectic, deconstructive, epic, excessive, sprawling, polychromatic, sophisticated, technology, implosive, flux, perceptual, decorative, power, social revolution, hi-tech, hypnotic, surface and experimental

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