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  • The Measures Taken
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  • Uploaded by : Marc Lafia | Mon Nov 10 19:04:09 UTC 2008
  • Description : If, as Wim Wenders claims, America has colonised the post-war German consciousness and cultural landscape, it is worth examining the Bundesrepublik’s position in relation to Hollywood, and more precisely the dual role of the state as opponent and main source of funding for the Neues Deutsches Kino. John Davidson’s Deterritorialising the New German Cinema examines this colonisation in a similarly dualistic way- as actual social/psychological experience, and as an ideological confidence trick to spur into existence a continuation of the ‘Other’ Germany of the 1920s- in fact, to usurp the DDR’s claim to this Other Germany.
  • Movements : International Film and New German Cinema
  • Themes : political

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