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  • energy healing
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  • Uploaded by : reiki8healing | Wed Jun 22 03:47:25 UTC 2011
  • Description : Sickness and disease is a manifestation of unbalanced Energy. healing, is a way of balancing all our energy to restore the flow of positive and vibrant life force energy. When the mind is relaxed, free from stress and any tension the energy processed by the mind flows to the subconscious mind through the auras and chakras. At the level where Distance Reiki Healing, Cosmic Energy Healing, or other Universal Life Force energy operates, it is possible anything could be changed because all is fluid-like in this universe and is very malleable. Emotional difficulties are healable as well as physical problems - emotional issues are sometimes more directly present in the energy structures. Distance Reiki Healing is highly beneficial when any type of trauma has been experienced
  • Movements : Documentary Film and Photography
  • Themes : psychological

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